Students can study 40% of their Course Online through SWAYAM

The higher education students at the institutions across India will now be able to study up to 40 percent of their full-time studies through an online government platform – SWAYAM while continuing with others through their institution. Students at any institution can take the appropriate online MOOCs offered by any members of the national faculty or platform on the online government platform. They can also transfer their schools through their degree program as well. The center was previously limited to 25 percent of the total syllabus. The UGC has now extended it to 40 percent.

Under the provision, universities will operate in an integrated manner. A student enrolled in any course offered anywhere in India can learn from any teacher training in online courses offered through SWAYAM. This can happen at the same time. They will not only receive a course certificate but the credits associated with their course will be calculated according to the degree program offered to them, according to each UGC.

Colleges can map their curriculum and suggest appropriate subjects for students. The parent center – where the student is enrolled – will ensure that virtual infrastructure including computer facilities, library, etc. The key to the continuation of such courses is made available and free of charge to students, UGC Directors.

The parent center will also appoint a professional member as a facilitator to guide students from enrollment until graduation. The parent center will provide an equal amount of credit to the student for the credits earned through the online video vide tutorial on the SWAYAM platform, in the credit program, according to UGC.

“No university will deny any student credit for the courses he or she has received on the SWAYAM platform,” according to the rules.

Currently, UGC as the National Non-Technical Studies Coordinator PG Courses has established 145 MOOCs and donated 208 MOOCs to Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds (SWAYAM). The MOOC government platform can be found at

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