Special! Manoj Bajpayee as he celebrates his birthday in Uttarakhand: We live in small cottages much better than between four walls in big cities

Riding on the success of his programs with OTT and films, Manoj Bajpayee is now busy shooting who will follow him to Uttarakhand. The actor, who turns one year old today, will once again celebrate his birthday in the hills.

“Fortunately, soon after the Covid-19 infection and dementia came out, I had to go to Uttarakhand to shoot a film, directed by Ram Reddy. So yes, when I talk to you, I’m here, in Uttarakhand, shooting all night, ”he said.

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Special conversation! Manoj Bajpayee: I am saddened and disappointed that because of the resurgence, we are back in the first placeWhile Mumbai is under bail until the end of this month, Manoj looks happy to be away from the city talk. Enjoying a natural pumpkin, he adds, “It is very cold out here but far from all the chaos that is happening here on earth.

We can’t see anyone here while we were shooting. We live in small cottages and focus on work here, which is much better than living within four walls in big cities ”. You feel useless but all the stories that come down there are not encouraging.

I hope and pray that everyone stays safe, people do not have to suffer as much as they already have. ”

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