Shilpa says she is ‘experiencing this indescribable pain’ amid the darkness of Covid-19

Actor Shilpa Shetty took to Instagram on Monday and asked fans to donate to an organization that works to fight hunger. He described how he was ‘wrong’ during the second round of Covid-19.
And I can’t be that way, none of us are like that.

She added: “We are not only losing people because of Covid, but we are also losing people to hunger, lack of oxygen, and lack of health care on time.”

On one occasion, Shilpa almost choked on talking about people who had lost a loved one in a second wave of the disease. He also thanked all the senior staff – the police, the health workers, the BMC etc. – who were at the forefront of tackling the crisis.

“I would also like to urge you to come together and use all our resources to help those who need us now. they need their help. Yes, it made me feel very small but my thought was ‘what should I do?’ So the least we can do in these times is to play like hell, “he said.

She spoke about an organization called Khana Chahiye, which is involved in feeding people. He called on his followers to donate freely to the link he shared and also asked his colleagues in the industry to join the program or any other ‘they deem appropriate’.

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She ended the video with a plea to all his fans to hide their faces, keep public distance and be vaccinated if they deserve it.

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