Schools to remain closed for Classes 1-8 due to increasing threat of COVID-19 cases in M.P.

Considering the impending threat of COVID-19, the Madhya Pradesh government has reversed its decision to start schools from April 1. While schools will reopen from April 1, but there will be no classes from 1 to 8 until April 15, The Department of School Education issued an order informing all collectors on Tuesday. The order is binding on public and private schools.

The department has made it clear that the 9th to 12th grade classes will remain open from April 1 and adhere to all safety standards as outlined earlier.

Earlier, the State Government allowed phases 1 to 8 to resume from April 1. These courses have not been effective since the national closure announced on March 24 last year.

The Department of School Education in the directive said that in line with a decision taken at a meeting with the Parents Teachers’ Meeting on December 4, classes up to 1 to 8 were to remain closed on March 31. In the wake of COVID-19 threat afresh, these classes shall remain closed till April 15.

Large numbers of private schools in Bhopal and other cities are also unwilling to resume offline classes to a moderate level.
Madhya Pradesh records a steady increase in new cases with the total number of new infections approaching the daily mark of 2,000, late. About 11 cities are under closed Sunday every week now with a clock night that starts daily at 9 p.m.

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