Sardar Ka Grandson’s movie review: Only Neena Gupta deserves our time in this Bajrangi Bhaijaan last day program

A review of the Sardar Ka Grandson movie review: The love story of Arjun Kapoor and Neena Gupta ‘dadi-pota’ was downgraded by her arrogant and painful beauty even though her heart was in the right place.

Director of Sardar Ka Grandson for the movie: Kaashvie Nair

Sardar Ka Grandson movie rating: 1.5 stars

The ‘dil-da’ connection between the people who lived in the Pre-Partition Punjab also appears in ‘Sardar Ka Grandson’. Although it often happens in movies, this is a very old-fashioned theme. And perhaps not, for the heartwarming stories that touch the Indo-Pak pacifism can be repeated. But not if it is done in a blunt way, without the problems we see in this love story ‘dadi-pota’, even if it is forwarded by the always trusted Neena Gupta.

Former Lahore resident Sardar Kaur (Neena Gupta) now lives with his extended family in Amritsar, a twin town on the other side of the border.Arjun Kapoor looks at ‘gabru Punjabi Munda. She’s full of back-cut hair, a puff jeans-jacket combo, and an ‘akkhad’ (obdurate) style, but she can’t do anything about her inconsistent style.

A bunch of talented actors is left in the lurch. Kanwaljeet Singh, as the son of Gupta (could they have found someone younger than him?) Deserves the best, so does Soni Razdan as a bride, with nothing. So did Rakul Preet Singh, who has shown that he can propose a lot of formulas. Mishra is abusive and laughs.

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The only wise way is from a shy young Pakistani boy (Mir Mehroos) who owns a tea shop, and becomes a savior all around. It is about the deep connection between the ‘chai-walas’ and the Indians.
Sardar Ka Grandson broadcasts on Netflix.

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