‘Requested’ Voluntary Return, says IIT Kanpur denying allegations of forcing students out of hostels

Following reports that students were being asked to leave the hostel rooms amid the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has denied the allegations. The institute calls the reports “absolutely incorrect” and says that although 80 percent of its students study in the classroom, the remaining 20 percent remain on campus “voluntarily”.

IIT says that due to the increase in cases in Kanpur and the fact that more than 100 students have symptoms, the institute has asked those who are ready to leave the campus to consider going home. IIT claims to have provided students with additional support for RTPC test reports and has allowed those with personal problems or students whose homes fall into the campus to stay on campus.

Many students, however, had taken to Twitter demanding that they be asked to leave the campus residency reluctantly.

“Due to the alarming increase in cases in the Center and Kanpur, we have asked those students who are fully prepared to return to the relevant villages and provide them with all the assistance they can get through RT PCR reports as it is required for other counties, flight / train etc. “We did not want to make the situation worse, which is why we have asked all eligible students to go to their cities,” the center said.

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