Report says, by 2025 India will have 900 million internet users

India will have 900 million Internet users by 2025, growing by 45 percent in the next five years, according to a recent report. The country had 622 million from 2020.

A report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Kantar-ICUBE, a consulting firm, states that internet penetration in rural India is growing at an alarming rate each year. Internet users have grown by 4 percent in Indian cities, reaching 323 million users by 2020, while growth in India’s rural areas has been 13 percent bringing 299 million active Internet users last year.
The population of India stands at 1.4 million. With the number of people who do not have access to the Internet actively in rural India, there is a significant increase in growth over the next few years, the report said.

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Biswapriya Bhattacharjee, Acting Vice President, Insights Division, Kantar, said, “By 2025, there will be a greater number of internet users in rural India than in urban India. Given this, the digital ecosystem will need to adapt to meet the specific needs of this emerging population. Vernacular, Voice and Video will emerge as a digital game changer in the next few years. ”

Without maturity, gender inequality continues. About 58 percent of Internet users are male, some female. Its value is the same in both urban and rural areas.
On average, Indians spend about 107 minutes daily using the Internet. However, the urban population spends more time (115 minutes) online than in rural areas (99 minutes). While 43 per cent of urban Indians use the internet to shop, compared to 13 per cent in rural India.

Cell phones have always been an option to access the internet in cities and rural areas of India. With the empowerment of devices and the availability of cheap data systems, access to the Internet via mobile phones has clearly become a priority, according to the report.

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Compared to Internet penetration in China and the US, by the end of 2020 China had 989 million users according to China Internet Network Information Center and the US had more than 313 million internet users nationwide.

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