premchand Jayanti: always wrote on dark side of society

Premchand Jayanti: Premchand means in Hindi literature who is considered the emperor of stories. It is said that when a writer’s handwriting becomes a written document of poverty, exploitation, injustice and oppression of society, then that writer becomes immortal. Premchand was one of these writers. He gave no room for mystery, adventure and magic in his literature, but gave literature a new identity with characters like Dhaniya, Jhunia, Surdas and Hori who were based on reality. Writers like Premchand don’t just compose a novel or a story, but they show the helplessness of Hori in Godan, whereas, when subjects like the poverty of Ghisu and Madhav in the shroud and the insensitivity born out of this poverty are etched on paper and then the reader’s heart comes out after reading. Goes.

Premchand Jayanti -The year 1880 and the date was July 31, when the Emperor of Premchand stories was born in the village of Lamhi, four miles from the town of Banaras. He saw a lot of poverty in his childhood. His father worked as a small servant at the post office. Premchand faced such financial constraints from childhood that his writings never showed the false luster of the cogwheel of development, but instead the writer, even after spending more than a half century of independence, lived in the light of the lantern-forest. Makes the forced poor and the poor the characters in its history. In his novels and stories he mentioned the darkness of the village.

Circumstances of life and Premchand

The Emperor’s journey from the story of Dhanpat Rai to Premchand is interesting. Although the story is interesting and very moving. Premchand was only 8 years old when his mother left the world. Dhanpat Rai’s difficult journey began after losing his mother at a young age. This difficult journey continued until the end of Premchand’s life. As soon as the mother died, Premchand’s father remarried. Because of this, Premchand couldn’t get the love and affection he wanted from his mother as a child. Her life was brought up in poverty. They did not have good clothes to wear and did not have enough food to eat. His mother-in-law’s behavior was even more difficult for him.

Another problem arose when Premchand’s father married him at a very young age. He got married at the age of 15. About a year after Premchand’s marriage, his father passed away. After that, suddenly the responsibility for the whole house came on her head. At a young age, a mountain of such financial calamities erupted over Premchand that he had to sell his coat for lack of money. Not only that, he also sold his books to manage expenses.

However, Premchand loved to read, even under all of these circumstances. Premchand took his studies until enrollment. At the beginning of his life, he went barefoot to study in Banaras far from his village. Premchand wanted to be a lawyer by training, but poverty broke him down. To avoid the hassle of going to school, he took a lawyer course, sir. He used to get five rupees from him. Out of five rupees he gave three rupees to family members, while the remaining two rupees kept trying to chase the car of his life. Even under such unfavorable circumstances, he succeeded in registering.

Premchand enjoyed reading and writing a lot since he was a child. He was very interested in Urdu. Novelist Sarur Molma Shar, Premchand was crazy about Ratan Nath Sarshar. Wherever he found his books, he read them. The only condition for writing well is to read well. Premchand knew that. Premchand began writing at the age of thirteen. At first he wrote a few plays, then later he started writing novels in Urdu. So began his literary journey, which remained together until his death.

Premchand’s second marriage took place in 1905. In fact, the first wife left the house due to the bitterness of the family and went to her maternal home and never returned. Premchand made his second marriage to a widow, Shivrani Devi. After that, Premchand engaged in the service of literature. Premchand Jayanti ……

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