Oxygen OS 13 is coming soon for OnePlus phone owners

OnePlus recently announced the OEF event at international venues, announcing its next-generation OxygenOS 13. operating system. The news is surprising as OnePlus announced in June 2021 the integration of Oppo OxygenOS with ColorOS.

Following this, OnePlus’s left HydrogenOS and picked up ColorOS in China. Later, regions around the world received an Android 12 update that made OxygenOS stand out from the rest of the renamed ColorOS.

A recent report suggested that both companies would discard their operating system names and opt for the one-name integrated H2OOS OS.

However, OnePlus has now confirmed that they are running on O oxygenOS 13 based on Android 13.

The latest announcement is about discussing OxygenOS 13 at the Open Ears Forum with their user base in an effort to create a complete OxygenOS smartphone for OnePlus smartphones. The event is scheduled for February 28 at 7:30 AM EST (6:00 PM in India).

OnePlus may be looking to hear what people will say about the way its software is going to get a better idea of ​​how to achieve the next version of OxygenOS 12, whether that is a continuation of its current platform or a new integrated OS. .

The OnePlus Nord 2 was the first device launched by OxygenOS based on ColorOS. It was clear that the release of O oxygenOS 11.3 was skinny over ColorOS unlike the OxygenOS that was present on previously released devices like the OnePlus 9 series.

Codebase integration has already taken place at OxygenOS, so few OnePlus devices worldwide work technically in ColorOS, regardless of the type of OnePlus it comes with.

The latest OxygenOS 12 was released in December last year and is based on Android 12, bringing a few new features, including enhanced icons, three-level adjustable black mode, and more.

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