Operation Java in Zee5: Police Process Drama gives us a reality check

The narrative structure of Operation Java seems to have been inspired by the director of Abrid Shine‘s hit procedural film, Action Hero Biju.

From Operation Java. Operation Java which is the first director of Tharun Moorthy is a police policy drama, which recently appeared on the Zee5 platform. The film begins in the midst of a heated debate that has shaken the Malayalam film industry – an investigation into Pramam kidnapping cases.

They were first met in earnest by police officer Basheer (played convincingly by Prasanth Alexander).
The Prime Crime Debate is probably six years old today, but it still craves your curiosity. The two went on to reduce one Babu Raj to one. This angle is too watery to ignore and the police feel compelled to investigate. It’s a deadline, of course.

However, research reveals how ill-equipped the cyber cell is to deal with cybercrime. You cannot distinguish a cyber cell door from a standard police department. While criminals are rapidly changing and adapting to the physical world, our online police are still holding on to the old system.

No high-speed computers, gadgets, information, or thinking needed to prevent crime in the visible world. It shows the need for new thinking to managing the crime of the new era.

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While Action Hero Biju shows us how policing came about years ago, Operation Java gives us a reality check. The film shows us that there is much room for improvement if the authorities wish to comply with the emerging challenges of the 21st century.

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