No test required at RTO to obtain a DL. All you need to know

An amended rule by the Union ministry of road transport and Highway came into effect on Thursday allowing candidates to get a DL without taking driving tests.

DL applicants will now be able to obtain the document more easily, without going through the tedious process via the regional transport offices (RTO). A rule amended by the Union’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways went into effect on Thursday allowing applicants to obtain a driver’s license without passing driving tests.

The Ministry of Transport has notified the new rules for accreditation of driver training centers where candidates will receive high quality driving lessons and once the test is obtained they will not be required to take the driving tests at the time. obtaining the permit.

All you need to know:

These training centers will be equipped with simulators and a dedicated driving test track for high quality training for candidates.

The light motor vehicle driving course at an approved driver training center will run for 29 hours over a period of up to four weeks from the course start date, according to the notification. The course will be divided into theory and practice.

The duration of the driving courses for medium and heavy motor vehicles in the training centers is 38 hours spread over six weeks. “These should be divided into two segments, theory and practice,” the notification said, according to a report from the Mint.

The training will also include teaching some basics of ethical and courteous behavior with others on the road.

The centers are not only limited to light, medium and heavy motor vehicles, but will also offer specialized industry specific training. The course will fill the shortage of qualified drivers on the road.

The approval granted to approved driver training centers will be in effect for a period of five years and may be renewed.

Lack of proper knowledge and skills is considered a major problem on Indian roads and a large number of road accidents occur due to these issues and lack of regulation.

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