Nirahua and Anjana Singh Viral Video: This video of Nirahua and Anjana Singh broke Shilpi Raj’s record, openly celebrating honeymoon, video went viral

Nirahua and Anjana Singh Viral Video: Recently an objectionable video of actress Shilpi Raj went viral. After which there has been a stir in the whole country. In the viral video, Shilpi Raj is seen in an objectionable condition with a boy. After this video of the actress went viral, a video of Nirhua also becoming increasingly viral. In which actress Anjana Singh is also seen with him. You can watch this video of Nirhua and Anjana Singh till the end. Also, this video has crossed all limits of obscenity.

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Nirahua and Anjana Singh Video

After the objectionable video of Shilpi Raj, Bhojpuri is going on in trend, gradually the number of viewers is increasing, today we give you a video of Nirhua and Anjana Singh has gone viral in which Anjana Singh and Nirhua are making honeymoon.

Both Nirahua and Anjana Singh are Bhojpuri actors, Nirahua, who comes number one in Hero, and Anjana Singh, who comes number one in Heroine, both have worked in many films together and that film has become a super duper hit. After watching this video you will forget the video of Shilpi Raj.

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