Nippon India MF collects Rs 2,860 crore through flexi cap fund

The Reliance Nippon India Mutual Fund on Friday said it had raised Rs 2,860 million in new funding (NFO) for its Flexi cap. More than 2,5 lakh investors are scattered in 2 398 cities invested in NFO in digital and offline mode, the company said in a statement.

In addition, more than 53,000 applications for SIP (formal investment program) were accepted, reflecting the long-term commitment of many investors and distributors of this product. Scheme- The Nippon India Flexi Cap Fund– an open equity firm that invests in large, mid-cap stocks, small shares that allow investors to participate in market opportunities.

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The company said the fund is well on its way to increasing the distribution of major shocks in times of uncertainty and at the same time benefiting from the growing capabilities of medium and small caps that heal market growth. “We are very pleased with the trust of more than 2,52 lakh investors who have invested R2,860 million in the recently completed NFO of the Nippon India Flexi Cap Fund,” said Sundepep Sikka, ED and CEO of Nippon India Mutual Fund.

“This adds to the confidence of the 15 new lakh investors who have joined the Nippon India Mutual Fund in the last 15 months which brings the number of investors to 75 unusual investors,” he added. According to him, the NFO demonstrates our strong distribution capabilities, sound digital infrastructure, and reliance on corporate products.

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