New Photos Show Mehul Choksi in Police Custody

New Photos Show Mehul Choksi- New Delhi: The first photographs of Mehul Choksi’s fleeing diamond have surfaced on Saturday showing a PNB scam allegedly jailed in Dominica, where he was arrested a few days ago. Writing about the new photo, Antigua News Room tweeted, “The first pictures of Mehul Choksi appear behind bars.”
New Photos Show Mehul Choksi in the hands of Dominica police show signs of injuries to his body. The lashes were visible on both his arms and his left eye was red and swollen.
Earlier this week, Choksi Dominica attorney Wayne Marsh said his client was abducted from Antigua on Sunday (May 23) and beaten.

“I noticed that he had been badly beaten, his eyes were swollen and had symptoms of burns (apparently burned with a machine gun). He told me he had been abducted from Jolly Harbor in Antigua and taken to Dominica by people he believed were Indian and Antiguan police on a ship that he described was about 60-70 meters long, ”said Choksi’s lawyer.
Mehul Choksi will stay in Dominica, for the next hearing on June 2
On Friday, New Photos Show Mehul Choksi- the Dominican Supreme Court again “forbade” the return of Choksi. Judge M.E. Birnie Stephenson, in his order, extended the order to remove Choksi from Dominica “until further notice or further proceedings”.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 2.

The court decision came at a hearing on a habeas corpus application filed by Choksi’s lawyers.

The Dominican court went on to say that Choksi “must be taken to Dominica China Friendship Hospital for medical attention and administration of the Covid-19 test”.

He asked respondents (Attorney General and Chief of Police) to submit their affidavits by 10.30 on Tuesday, and the applicant (Choksi) to submit an affidavit, if necessary, before or at 3.30pm. on Tuesday.

Choksi, wanted in India by the CBI and ED for money laundering worth Rs 13,500 crore PNB, went missing in Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday, and a search was launched. He was arrested in Dominica on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, Choksi’s lawyer in India, Vijay Agarwal, told IANS, “During the habeas corpus ‘Mehul Choksi vs Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Dominica and Chief of Police’ application, a Dominican court ordered a ban on Choksi’s removal from the country. of Dominica until another plan was made. ”

Choksi, a defendant in the PNB fraud case along with his nephew Nirav Modi, has been living in Antigua and Barbuda since January 4, 2018. The CBI and ED, who have filed separate papers in the case, are trying to extradite Choksi.

A major uproar erupted after Choksi went missing and the Interpol Notice was issued by Antigua and Barbuda. He was tracked down and arrested in Dominica on May 25.

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