NEET 2021 Updates: Check Unofficial Answer Key, Question Paper

NEET 2021 updates: Hours after the exam, Twitter demands #BanNEET. Tamil Nadu govt has already been demanding the cancellation of centralized tests claiming it’s unfair to kids from the rural side of India.

NEET 2021 Updates: After much controversy, the highly anticipated NEET 2021 has taken place today. More than 16 lakh candidates had applied to take the exam. A record number of students have taken the exam amid the pandemic. The review took place amid COVID-19 precautions. With the paper and pen exam completed, estimates are now being made on the results date after which medical admissions will begin.

Shortly after the examination, there was a request to ban the entrance medical examination. Twitter was all the rage #BanNEET after the suicide of a 19-year-old midshipman. He was afraid of failing the entrance medical exam. Tamil Nadu has already requested the cancellation of a centralized exam and requires there to be multiple state-level tests for both medical and engineering admissions.

Meanwhile, two days before the exam, NEET was marred by controversy as a section of the media claimed the NEET question document had been leaked. While authorities have denied such claims, saying they have not observed any breaches in security systems, students and other stakeholders are still calling for an investigation.

NEET 2021: Physics Question Paper

Here is the question paper with the answer key provided by Akash and Byju for NEET 2021 held on September 12. This is not an official answer key and students can expect the same by next week.

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