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Narappa movie review: Venkatesh film is brave, strong and loyal to Asuran

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Narappa movie review: Dhanush’s Asuran was not a work of art and also Vapatesh’s Narappa actor. However, he is brave and trustworthy and will always attack hard, strong and timely.

Narappa is located in a village in Anantapur district. The story focuses on Narappa (Venkatesh) and his family’s struggle to secure a piece of land for farming businessman Panduswami (Aadukalam Naren). While most of the locals have donated their lands to Panduswami, the three-hectare Narappa area and the contempt of his family are like thorns on his side.

Narappa is a master at swallowing his pride and hard work in difficult situations, but his eldest son Munikanna (played well by Karthik Rathnam) refuses to bow to the bully. Munikanna’s basic demand for dignity and the right to life is too great to ask for in a village, where a person’s worth is determined by his or her race.

Munikanna’s disrespect is met with great power and great cruelty. Narraapa’s cry for justice falls on deaf ears. When police, local elders and the courts failed to do justice to his family, Narappa accepted his fate and tried to move forward to ensure the safety of his other children.

His youngest son Sinabba (Rakhi), however, is not ready to accept this injustice as his father did. His act of infatuation, in which he tries to do justice in his own way, puts his whole family at risk. It falls on Narraapa’s shoulder to protect his son – he can continue to play softly or awaken the beast that lies within him.

Narappa, the official amendment to the Tamil hit Asuran, falls without the expertise of director Srikanth Addala. She is a filmmaker Sooraj Barjatya-esque, who loves to make films about life celebrations, big fat weddings, and the fun of living in a big, close-knit family. Narappa is completely different in every way imaginable with the Srikanth skill set as a director.

Starting with the basic premise against the evils of the sectarian society, including the degrading of humanity in what is considered to be inferiority and acts of senseless violence, it must have been a great surprise for Srikanth to hold the film at such a deep level and interpret it his way. So the noble thing he could have done was to remain completely faithful to the original. And that’s what Srikanth did.

Every camera angle, blocking, background points and emotional impact remain the same as Asuran. Aside from the star actors, the film is a re-enactment of Dhanush-starrer. Srikanth closes the gap to his total lack of sincerity in the opinion of director Vetri Maaran.

Truth be told, Asuran was not the best portrait of Vetri Maaran. It was a simple film, using the narration of the ancient star Rajinikanth’s Baasha. The film clicked because of the director’s integrity, along with the courage with which he viewed the caste’s degrading practice. And Vetri’s exposure to the apology of caste violence had a powerful shocking effect, adding to the film’s intensity. It also creates the right setting for the characters to shine, done by Dhanush and how.

Dhanush seemed natural as a young Sivasami, with a fast fuse, and an elderly family man fleeing the war for the benefit of his family. The differences and differences he brought to his character were not easy. However, you cannot say the same about Venkatesh. While Venkatesh fits well as a drunken, old drunk, he is as unbelievable as the young Narappa. His performance in flashback scenes feels inconsistent.

That said, the last shot when we saw Narappa looking good at his family and smiling before going to court created the same effect as the first one. The silent and traumatic time reminds us that, for some people, life is a never-ending battle for basic rights.

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Narappa had to sacrifice as much as losing all members of his family to hate so that his son could walk the streets in slippers without attracting his punishment. Asuran was not a work of art and neither was Narappa. However, he is faithful and courageous, and he will always be strong, strong and timely.

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