Mumbai University: Final Exams to be held in Online Mode, Final-Year Exam Schedule Released

Mumbai: After so much delays and confusion, the Dean of Mumbai University finally issued a circular for confused students with a test program for student undergraduate and graduate programs. According to the notice, final semester students will be required to submit their exams online between May 6 and May 21, 2021. In addition, colleges will be required to wrap up the semester end-of-term exams that semesters 1-4 will have to be wrapped up till April 15 and May 5. The backlog examinations for final year students will also be administered during this time.

Students from the undergraduate studies, Semester 3 (failure) and Semester 4 exams will have their exams between May 3 and May 20. All final year exams will be done in full online mode.

There may be changes to the test format. For the undergraduate Arts, Commerce and Science opinion exams, there will be 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ) (each question costing one mark) For the Engineering, Pharmacy and MCA exams, there will be 40 MCQ questions and 40 descriptive.

Law students will face 30 marks of 10 MCQs and explanatory questions of 30 marks. Although theoretical tests can be easily switched to digital space, online tests may be more of a challenge. But given the growing number of corona virus cases in Maharashtra, as well as other expected highs, these tests will also be held online.

Between April 5 and April 15, virtual tests, projects and viva-voce communications will take place in the Zoom app, Google Meet, Skype or by phone. The university has left that decision at each college.

There will be research conducted by colleges to understand students’ needs regarding online exams, as well as to know if they can offer online exams. For students with internet, connectivity, or device issues – colleges will have to make the necessary arrangements.

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