Mumbai Local Trains Will Run Only For Essential Services do Check Who Can Travel Under Fresh Restrictions

With the increase in cases of coronavirus, the Maharashtra government has introduced new restrictions on office holdings and public transportation. The guidelines, under the Maharashtra government’s Break-Chain government, came into effect at 8 PM on Thursday and will remain operational until 7am on May 1. According to the new restrictions, Mumbai Local Trains will only be operational. New Limits Now, with the new limitations the government has decided to reduce the presence of people on the roads and public transport.
1) According to an order issued by Secretary-General Sitaram Kunte, only public servants and emergency personnel may be allowed to use urban trains, metro and mono services in the Mumbai Metropolitan region.
2) All medical practitioners – doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratory technicians and clinic staff – will be issued with travel documents on the basis of ID cards. However, patients in need of treatment and people with special disabilities can travel by train.
3) Local railway officials / MSRTC officials will provide all the information required by the local Disaster Management Authority to assess the passengers and accommodation in their area.
4) At stops, all passengers will be handcuffed for 14 days of home confinement. Thermal scanners will be used and anyone with symptoms will be taken to corona care centers or hospitals.

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