Money Heist 5 Review: Bank robbery continues !

Money Heist 5 Review: The first part of the fifth season of Money Heist (Money Heist 5) is exactly as expected. As the color changes, the rhythms increase, create new adventures and ultimately surprise. Netflix has released the last season of this Spanish web series that has caused panic around the world. If you’ve watched four seasons of Money Heist, then on average 50-50 minutes, you won’t be able to live without completing those five new episodes in one go.

Money Heist 5- However, the case will not end there and the second part of the fifth season will take place on December 3. It is clear that the creators will not rest the peace of the fans just yet. The story goes that more than 100 hours have passed in this money theft and the professor’s (Alvaro Morte) gang is inside the Bank of Spain. The work of holding hostages at gunpoint and melting tons of gold continues.

But Colonel Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), troubled by their indifference, has now passed the baton from the police to the army. The army has been called. Will the professor’s team of eight or ten be able to stand up to the army? The difficulties also increased because on the other hand, Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) found the professor and chained him. Arthro Roman (Enrique Arc), the enemy of the thieves inside the bank, found weapons and sounded the trumpet of salvation for some people, including the governor. In short, a war broke out. Who will survive and whose life will be lost amid round bullets and bomb blasts?

There is also a lot of emotional turmoil in this gripping criminal story of stealing tons of gold from the bank. The new love, the old love, the close love, the distant love, the love triangle, revenge, hate, abuse, blood and sweat, ammunition, broken breath and the coming of a new life in this world can also be seen here. East. Season five keeps audiences hooked from moment to moment and gives no chance to think about anything other than the circumstances and the characters. The new season also features creator / writer Alex Pina as the backstory for Tokyo’s first love / boyfriend (Ursela Corbero) and the fifth wife and son of the professor’s brother, Berlin (Pedro Alonso). The peculiarity is that gradually the female characters have become the center of the professor’s gang and this time she controls almost everything.

Betrayed by the government and her colleagues, the pregnant Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) hangs the professor upside down, then the army against the bank in Tokyo with Rakel aka Lisbon (Itjer Ituno) and Monica aka Stockholm (Itjer Ituno) ) is operated. The character of Julia (Belén Cuesta), childhood friend of Denver, shines with new colors. In the fourth season, his fans were shocked by the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores). But in the new season everyone remembers Nairobi over and over again, and the hatred of Gandia (José Manuel Poga), the former bank security chief who shot him at close range, grows. In this way, all professionals personalize the fight by calling it mission to avenge the death of Nairobi. The fans who could not recover from Nairobi’s death, at the end of the fifth season, they receive a heavy blow.

Creator Alex Pina keeps audiences amazed from start to finish. As you delve into the layers of history, you feel that several lifetimes are lived in one lifetime. Showing the tragedy of characters trapped in war inside and out, Alex is a constant reminder that some things in life cost too much, like revolution and freedom. With each new difficulty ahead, just as the eyes of the men who melt gold in the bank are fixed on the professor of Plan B, the public expects from this character too.

In the fifth season (Money Heist 5), you find that the professor who always has Plan B with you, when he’s in trouble himself, doesn’t have an alternate plan for himself, but the good thing is that he takes care of everything. the world, if there is no plan B then understand that Plan A will only save. He made it very clear to his team that even though the stars are in the sky, we are not the ones to break. It is this strong bond between the professor and his team at Money Heist that connects the audience to them. The story is great, the script is great, the cast is amazing, and the directing is amazing. The only thing that can be said about this series and this season is that it should not be left in any state. It’s a different experience.

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