Mandira Bedi: I don’t care about Troll and the haters, but if they attack my children my claws will come out

They have a nine-year-old son, Vir. On Monday night, Mandira took to her social media page and shouted at the trolls who were mocking and harassing her daughter. You pay attention to me, you piece s ** t. “In another troll, he said,” Much of it is from an exemplary citizen.

” , “Mandira said,” I’ve been under a lot of pressure since I was on social media. At first, I was responding with negative comments, but then I realized that I was giving these haters what they wanted – attention. “

Mandira continues. “I don’t make statements, I don’t swear, and I never use social media to attack people or make points. I use it for good distribution. I don’t know what struck me to go through the comments on this one photo of my family. It is shocking to see such negative comments from a young child. What kind of people say negative things about a harmless child? While I often ignore trolls and haters, these two-thirds messages I saw on Monday night annoyed me, and this time, I felt the need to respond.

Tara is innocent and very young to understand what happened, but it hurt me. I’m not giving two hoots for bad comments. I would laugh at them when they talk about me but it is wrong to attack my family, my children. I can’t take it. My fingernails will come out. ”

His account has been suspended. My blood boils from the thought of what this troll said about my daughter. People have angst and are looking for ways to get out. I wish they could use their energy for something better. ”

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