Man murdered by live-in partner if he refused to marry

Man murdered- Delhi Murder: A young man killed (Man murdered) his living partner with a knife in the Badarpur area of ​​Delhi. The young man had been living as a couple with the young girl for 10 years. For some time now, he had started to doubt his spouse. As soon as he woke up on Wednesday morning, he spoke of marrying the girl. When the young girl angrily refused, the young man stabbed her to death with a knife. Police arrested the accused. The girl’s name was Manisha.

What is the problem?

Southeast District DCP RP Meena said that at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, a tenant attacked his wife with a knife. The police arrived at the scene. Where inside the house the girl was found in a blood soaked state. He was taken to a nearby hospital in an unconscious state, where the doctor pronounced him dead. The deceased has been identified as Manisha. She lived with a young man named Anil Kumar in Moldaband Extension, Badarpur. Police also arrested the accused Anil. Anil attacked with a knife used in the kitchen. Anil told police he has been living in accommodation with Manisha since 2011. Both lived as tenants in this house and the landlord learned that they were both husband and wife.

cause of murder

Police said that during questioning, Anil revealed that he had been living with Manisha since 2011. Manisha had ignored him for some time. He also began to suspect Manisha. As soon as he woke up in the morning, he asked Manisha to get married, but Manisha categorically refused. Because of this, Anil got angry and he attacked Manisha with a knife kept in the kitchen.

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