Looking for a cheap smartwatch? Meet Realme’s Dizo Watch which costs Rs 2,999

Realme’s Dizo unveiled its first smartwatch in India. It’s just called Dizo Watch, and, not surprisingly, it looks a lot like the Realme Watch that came last year.

Realme’s smartwatches are currently in its second generation, so it makes sense that Dizo, a product of Realme TechLife’s partner, is bringing a more expensive smartwatch with some tweaks here and there.

Dizo Watch comes with 12-day battery life, water resistance and IP68, and 90 sports modes. The best part is that Dizo Watch is supported by Realme Link.

Dizo’s entry into the Indian smartphone market is very similar to that of Realme, and it is not surprising to think that Dizo is Realme’s partner partner.

Realme wants to create an ecosystem that surpasses its product, and Dizo seems to be a good way to start.

Realme provides customer support to consumers of Dizo products, which means you can go to any Real Physical Help Center or call online to get your Dizo product.

Price of Dizo Watch

Dizo Watch costs Rs 3,499 but will be available at a discounted price of Rs 2,999 at Flipkart starting August 6. The watch will be available for purchase at selected stores for sale soon. It comes in Carbon Gray color.

Details of Dizo Watch

Dizo Watch comes with a 1.4-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels, a maximum brightness of 600 numbers, and a refresh rate of 30fps.

The clock has a square dial with rounded edges and a curved display. Realme’s design offers a variety of watch faces, including animated ones, so your watch will always look fashionable.

You can even add a custom clock face with the app. There is a button on the right, which you can use to jump to the home screen or return to the previous menu when you are within the app. The smartwatch has a silicone belt with a buckle system.

Health tracking should be a priority for Dizo Watch as it has 90 sports modes, including outdoor walking, outdoor running, yoga, elliptical, swimming.

Since the clock is rated with IP68 for dust and water resistance, you can easily enter the pool wearing a watch. Dizo says the 315mAh Watch battery will last for 12 days. There is support for magnetic charging on the clock.

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