LinkedIn report says, Nine out of 10 Companies to fill posts internally amid COVID-19

Nine out of 10 companies in India open to fill vacant positions internally in the post-COVID time. A recent Linkedin report states that about 93 percent of companies are looking to fill roles internally while seven out of 10 companies hire internally to get an insider’s perspective or sense of progress. Also, companies include roles to reduce the cost of acquisition of talent and active employment. According to Linkedin’s Future of Talent report, internal mobility, data-driven employment and employee development will be a major focus for 2021 for employers.

Companies, while hiring internally, are primarily looking for good communication, problem-solving technology and time management skills for candidates. As the report suggests, the level of attraction increased 1.5 times in India last year as workers struggled to work longer hours. With the second wave of COVID-19 reaching the nation, it has accelerated the need for remote operation.

Now, companies are planning to increase the capacity of their employees and prepare their employees for future challenges. Lastly there is a need to work remotely, 9 out of 10 companies have also agreed that HR will now play a major role in helping organizations run their business, shape their strategies, and employ well during the epidemic.

HR expects to play a major role in helping companies find new ways to hire. The report reads, “By 2021, India will see more companies joining roles, promoting their employees, and hiring internally to boost business growth without increasing operating costs.”

In addition, data-driven hiring practices will also play a key role in making companies more collaborative with their employees, attracting the right talent, and hiring them more efficiently. About 91 percent of companies in India use data to make informed talent hiring decisions while 53 percent of companies use data to create map skills for open job needs.

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