Know which degree has maximum chance to provide you job in post COVID world

The two consecutive years of COVID restrictions have caused employers to question who they are and the wages they pay. Many people have lost their jobs by 2020, just as employers are getting used to a new way of working from anywhere or working from home, the second wave of the epidemic has made it even worse for graduates this year. There is a series of skills and qualifications that have been declared obsolete, there are still some much-needed courses.

For those planning a job, here are the most highly qualified degrees in India based on the 8th edition of India Skills Report (ISR) 2021 –

Credit: India Skills Report 2021

Despite the high employment rate, less than half of BTech or BE students graduating from work are ready to get a job. In the worst case study – Polytechnic, the number of eligible students is 25.02 percent.

The MBA which has produced the most active workers by 2020 has not only gone to second place but now even half of those who drop out of the MBA get jobs. Employment rates have dropped from 54 percent to 46.59 percent, according to ISR 2021.

Not just an MBA, full-time Indian youth employment dropped to 45.9 per cent of the highest talent that could be employed in the 18-21-year-old age group, by 40 per cent. “The emergence of a skills gap is what has led to a drop in youth employment to 45.9 percent from 46.2 percent last year. The skills gap that emerged with the COVID-19 epidemic has sparked computer courses, language courses, and online skills testing, “the report said.

The sector with the highest interest rate hiring in 2021 is BFSI, Software Hardware IT, and Internet businesses, according to the report.

Geographically, candidates in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka were found to be highly talented and Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune were the most talented cities, according to ISR 2021.

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