Kirron Kher, an anti-cancer activist, appears in a video of his son Sikandar Kher asking him to marry him

On Instagram of Kirron Kher’s son, Sikandar Kher who looks weak but happy thanks people for their best wishes. The politician-politician has been battling multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

Sikandar Kher
shows that his mother Kirron Kher is getting better as he fights cancer. Anupam Kher had shared Kirron’s diagnosis on Twitter a few months ago, revealing that he had multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer.

Sikandar wrote his article: “This is short and sweet .. hello to the family with bits from me and me .. thank you all for the love you send mom ❤️.”

Sikandar began the live Instagram session with the words, “I’m sitting with the parents and you can get some beautiful captions of Mrs. Kher’s feet.” This time, Kirron made a funny jug with his feet to say “hello”. Kirron looked weak but happy in this video. He was also holding his arm in a sling.

Sikander also thanked the family’s best wishes and said Kirron is much better. He said, “Thank you for all your love, as you have seen his feet. Thank you for always asking about him, he should hear this because I am not here all day when you ask, and he is here. Thank you so much, you did so much better. ”

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Kirron, who appears to be lying on his couch, asked Sikander to show his face in the video. He then greeted the people with a big smile and said, “Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes and love, thank you very much.” Sikandar’s video also shows his father, actor Anupam Kher.

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Kirron is heard and urging Sikander to get married soon as he will “be 41 in a few months”.
In April this year, Anupam had opened up about Kirron’s disease. He later dismissed speculation about his health, confirming that “She is OK. He actually received his second injection for COVID this afternoon. I will ask people not to spread such bad news. Thank you. Stay safe. ”

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