Director of Money Heist on why Nairobi should die: ‘You would have a hard time equalizing season 5’

The director of Money Heist 5 Jesús Colmenar has talked about how the death of Nairobi will inspire other characters and change the power of the band in the upcoming Netflix season.

Nairobi alba Flores money heist death matriarchy Spanish actor Alba Flores plays the role of Nairobi in Money Heist. Nairobi’s death at the end of Money Heist season 4 turns the tables for the entire team with The Professor.

The gang is expected to declare war on the enemy in the upcoming season of Money Heist in retaliation for Nairobi’s tragic death. Each one has blood in their eyes, and we saw a glimpse of this in the video drops of Money Heist 5, released by Netflix recently.

At his death, he becomes the motivator for robbers to take things in hand, which is more than just money. It’s a personal war now. The makers, however, believe that the Nairobi character’s outline should have ended before the 5th season of the upcoming Money Heist.

“Nairobi represents the heart of the gang in some way. has always been a different character, a character who was not made to face the reality. ”

Nairobi, played by actor Alba Flores was a masterpiece of fraud and forgery. He was in charge of printing money at the Royal Mint of Spain, and then oversaw the melting of gold in the Spanish Bank.

He has been a strong force in the midst of all conflicts and a peacekeeper in the team since the first season. His motive was a successful robbery and he strongly believed in Professor aka Sergio Marquina (Álvaro Morte).
Money heist 5 dead actor alba Flores Nairobi shot by Gandía in Money Heist 4.

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As the honor his team and his fans gave to Nairobi last season when he died, “his legacy will inspire other characters, of course,” concludes Jesús Colmenar.

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Money Heist 5 will release two parts. While its first part will begin airing on Netflix on September 3, its final part will arrive on December 3.

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