Kareena Kapoor shows a list of expressions for her love of pizza

Kareena Kapoor Khan cries, laughs, and expresses various emotions as she prepares to bake a pizza packed in a new set for the next cooking show.

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan shared a new interest in the upcoming cooking show and showcased a lot of talk in it while baking pizza. Kareena often talks about her love of pizza in various social media posts.

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The guard opens up and Kareena is told they are set to make a pizza pressed. Kareena has a strong response, “Oh my God, pizza!” After that he appears to be working with the dough as he prepares to bake the foundation.

He kept repeating, “oh my God, pizza!” while making a variety of faces – from a simple cry to a cry, and a happy shout, to do it all. Kareena shared this teaser on her Instagram news.

Kareena bakes her pizza base.

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