Kangana Ranaut Weight Loss Journey: From Loss 20 Kgs To Gain In A Several Months, Actor’s Transformation Looks Incredible

Kangana had to follow a busy schedule that matched Jayalalithaa’s outlook on life. The biggest challenge was not just losing weight, but also getting it back in a few months.

Mumbai: Making a biopic is not easy – neither for actors or actors. Imagine giving up all human life in just three hours! There is timelapse, rapid movement of the structure and physical changes of the character as well.

The Thalaivi chariot featuring the much-anticipated Kangi Ranaut scene has been unveiled and is loved by the audience.
Ithalaivi portrays various stages in the life of a veteran – from being a young actor to a senior politician. And to introduce all of this, Kangana had to change several times. She also had to follow a busy schedule that matched Jayalalitha’s look for the rest of her life. Not only was losing weight a challenge, but regaining it in a few months was not easy.

Even Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter saying the same thing. “Gaining 20 kgs and losing everything after a few months was not the only challenge I faced while recording this Epic Biopic, the wait ends in a few hours Jaya will be yours forever”, he wrote. Somehow, the movie also examines Kangana Ranaut’s performance as an actor.

Kangana’s fans are very appreciative of his conversion to Ithalaivi. One social media user wrote on Twitter, “The physical change that Kangana Ranaut, a young man, has to deal with is beyond discipline, this comes at the age of 30 and it is not easy for a woman’s body to make negative changes. ”

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