Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will lead to world peace, uniting people from all nations

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has expressed his love for cryptocurrensets again, with a hidden tweet this time around. In a tweet, Dorsey praised Bitcoin as a true symbol of global unity.

This isn’t the first time Dorsey has talked so much about his love of Bitcoin. The CEO of Twitter and Square once said “my hope is that [Bitcoin] creates world peace.”

This was the Bitcoin summit in July. Now, Dorsey has taken his platform and shared the same hope for cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, Dorsey tweeted that Bitcoin would unite “a very different world.” He further added that cryptocurrency will eventually have a similar impact worldwide.

As revealed by The Verge, Dorsey’s tweet may have been in response to a blocked amendment to the U.S. Senate infrastructure package.

The amendment allegedly would increase US government involvement in cryptocurrency.

Dorsey wrote on Twitter shortly afterwards that “#Bitcoin will unite a very different country. (and finally: the world). ”

Although Dorsey did not specify the name of the country, we can assume it is the US, because the tweet may be related to the amendment.

Other than that, there is no indication of what Dorsey meant by these words.

Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin will lead to world peace, uniting people from all nations

There’s a chance that Dorsey’s latest tweet isn’t just a joke on Twitter. After all, Twitter is famous for this as a platform. Seeing its CEO indulge in this tradition is just fun.

While it’s no secret that Dorsey has been a major advocate for cryptocurrensets many years ago.

He credited Bitcoin as a solution to many of the problems of today’s world and is one of the few high-profile entrepreneurs involved in the industry.

His recent trend in the industry has been reflected in a new business unit based on Bitcoin Square. The new unit aims to empower distributed financial services.

Late last month, Dorsey even appeared on a Bitcoin conference panel with Elon Musk to discuss the future of cryptocurrensets.

The two were accompanied by Cathie Wood, Founder, CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, as the lots discussed the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment, among others.

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