Third-party retailers are reportedly harassing users by posting negative product reviews on Amazon

In a shocking incident, Amazon customers were attacked by third-party sellers for posting negative product reviews on the platform.

Amazon has a special customer reviews section where customers can rate products they have purchased and write positive or negative reviews about it.

However, it turns out that some sellers are not happy with the updates people are posting and are reportedly hunting for them by logging into their postal account.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, marketers want to reach out or instead want consumers to reorganize their editing or completely remove their negative reviews about the products they are selling.

Retailers do not make people do this for free, they offer the opportunity to exchange a product or get a product refund.

Significantly, retailers should not have access to the email ID or customer numbers not to mention access to them.

Now, some of them have access to consumer personal information shared with Amazon. Infringes users’ privacy.

Third-party retailers are reportedly harassing users by posting negative product reviews on Amazon

New York-based Amazon customer Katherine Scott told WSJ that she had left a negative review on the kitchen product she had purchased on e-commerce platform in March.

He was not happy with the product as it did not look like the one shown on the podium.

A few days after posting a negative product review, someone claiming to be an Amazon representative offered her a refund instead of deleting her review.

“We are determined to return the full amount. When we do not receive a response, we will assume that you did not see it and will continue to send emails.

We hope you can reconsider by deleting ideas where you are comfortable? ”Read by a representative.

When he refused to cancel the review, one representative offered twice as much as he had paid for the product. The merchants sent him frequently.

“It was very crawling. They email me directly over and over again, ”he told the newspaper.

Another customer who was also targeted by vendors said the company would continue to chase the customer until it changed the update.

However, Amazon declined to share the email address of third-party customers and sellers.

On the company’s privacy page, it notes that Amazon shares personal information related to customer transactions.

“These third-party service providers have access to the personal information they need to perform their duties, but they may not be able to use it for other purposes,” Amazon said.

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