Israeli President Warns Of Civil War

Israeli President Warns Of Civil War -Appeals by religious and political leaders have calmed down, and the police force and arrests of many people have proved futile in the ongoing turmoil in many racially divided cities. Israeli TV has shown what it describes as “lynchings” for Jewish and Arab drivers. Israeli President Warns Of Civil War
LOD, Israel: Israeli President warned of civil war between Arabs and Jews on Wednesday as outrage and fear of clashes with Palestinian soldiers in Gaza fuel violence on Israeli roads.
Violence has been fueled by violent protests in support of Palestinians by members of an Arab minority group outraged by an Israeli militant group launched in Gaza on Monday after Hamas-led Islamist militants fired rocket rockets at the border.

Synagogues and cars were set ablaze in the Lod Teliviv area, motorists were stoned to death on some roads, and protesters waving flags in Palestine filled police with a port north of Haifa. Israeli President Warns Of Civil War

On Wednesday, police said the attack seemed like a lot of the Jews were made against Arabs – that included visiting the live TV while driven in a mob.

The broadcast on Channel 12’s top radio station dropped President Reuven Rivlin’s plea “please stop this madness”.

“We are in danger of rocket launching on our citizens and on our streets, and we are busy with a senseless civil war between us,” the president said, whose role is primarily to celebrate.

21% Arabs – Arabs – Palestinians by heritage, Israelis by their nationality – most of them come from Palestinians who lived under the Ottoman Empire and ruled the British state before settling in Israel after the creation of the country in 1948.

Most speak two languages ​​in Arabic and Hebrew, and they feel at ease with the Palestinian people in the West Bank in the Gaza Strip and the Gaza Strip. They often complain about systemic discrimination, inadequate access to housing, health care, and educational services.

Israeli domestic violence has been welcomed by Hamas, one of its spokespersons who has called on Arab citizens to “rebel” against “our enemy and yours”. Israeli President Warns Of Civil War

Ayman Odeh, Israel‘s top Arab parliament, has blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and the far-right government for the uprising.

“We must not allow this,” Odeh said on Twitter. “The common struggle of Arabs and Jews is the answer to Netanyahu’s violent ideology, (Itamar) Ben-Gvir and (Bezalel) Smotrich.”

Netanyahu, however, released a video statement in which he promised to give the police emergency power to take over the operation.

“This violence is not ours,” he said. “I don’t care if your blood boils.”

In Lod, police have imposed an illegal curfew. But Israeli media has shown young Jewish men, some with bats, on the streets.

Ibrahim, who is an Arab councilor with the Lod municipality, said: “What is happening now (rising in power) is going on (in cities) like Ramle, Lod, Jaffa, Acre and Haifa”.

He called the events in Gaza and Jerusalem – where Israeli police clashed with Palestinians and Israeli Arabs at a mosque during the holy month of Ramadan – “red line”.

One local Israeli Arab politician was very observant.

“We condemn the unity and solidarity of our people and our brothers in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip as a result of acts of vandalism,” said Samir Mahamid, mayor of the northern Arab city of Umm al-Fahm.

Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, called the violence of Jews and Arabs “as dangerous as Hamas rockets”.

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