IPL to Olympics: Prime Minister Narendra Modi asks students plans

The students shared their experiences with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on how the announcement helped them.

PM Modi interacts with parents

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday joined a session with CBSE students conducted by the Department of Education. He surprised the students and their parents and talked to them about their problems and concerns.

Health is wealth: PM Modi

The PM told students that they should always remember the mantra of ‘health is wealth’.

Be productive: PM Modi to students

Modi asked them to utilise their time in a productive and creative manner following the cancellation of their exams.

What’s the plan, asks Modi

The PMr asked the students whether they will watch IPL, Champion’s League, or wait for the Olympics.

PM Modi interacts with students

Parents shared their thoughts about how students can focus now on their college admissions.

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