India Olympic team to be fully vaccinated: Sports chief

India Olympic contingent’s have been fully vaccinated before they leave for the Tokyo Games, in the beginning of July, the country’s top sports official, Narinder Batra, told AFP.

India and Japan will each send, close to 200 athletes, coaches and support staff for the Tokyo Games, which will be held from July 23 to August 8 of last year’s race was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted to see all the national sports federations in order to get its athlete of the immunizations, despite the fact that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) said that it’s required,” said the president of the Indian Olympic Association. “We want our athletes to be safe, and they should be safe for other people.”

Batra said the one-half of the contingent, which was partially vaccinated and the other half was purchased in two doses. “Well, in the first week of July, the whole contingent of athletes, plus the servants, should be vaccinated twice,” he added.

Batra’s comments came two days after his association dismissed the Chinese as a sponsor of the Li-Ning is the kit, and after a public backlash after the garment, which was announced last week.

Tensions between India and China have escalated since a deadly border clash in June 2020. The conflict was sparked calls in India for a boycott of Chinese products and companies. “We went through with public opinion, which is formed in a social network, and then (açıqlanandan kit,” says Batra.

“If we can find a sponsor, which by the end of June, when it’s all done, then we’re going to have to have one. Otherwise, it’s still unbranded. “China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, on Wednesday, called on India to” in order to avoid politicizing the issues.”

Have high hopes for the hockey –
While the pandemic has made it difficult for the athletes to prepare, Tokyo, Batra said that of all the countries of the ‘competitors are facing the same challenges, “working together is the game of it all.”

India Olympic-He correctly predicts that India will have to take home a minimum of 10 medals from the Summer olympics.

“Athletes will continue to train in their bio, the bubbles, and / or where they are training abroad. So, it will not affect our medal prospects in any way, and shows you how you’re doing-it’s a double.”

Four years ago, the team returned to the top. with only two medals: badminton champion, and S. V. Sindhu won the silver medal, and wrestler Sakshi Malik won the bronze medal.

Batra, who was the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation, in the last month, did not ” nominate a candidate for the sport, which, in his opinion, children, gold, silver, or bronze medals.

However, he noted that he has high hopes for the men’s and women’s national field hockey team.

The men’s team is one of the most successful winter Olympics in history, winning eight Olympic gold medals, but finished in the final four, in 1980.

The Women’s national team has not won a single medal since the sport became an Olympic sport in 1980.

“I would expect that the men’s team to finally win the medals, and I refer to it as the women’s team are in the dark as they can to be the champion of the world, seven days a week,” he said. India Olympic…

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