India-China one year, border dispute not resolved

India-China-Tensions are still high on the Indian-Chinese border at Ladakh, although some troops have withdrawn. Many rounds of talks were held between senior military officials but a complete solution was found.
New Delhi: It has been a year since negotiations between India and China over the border dispute. By May last year, both countries had begun negotiations to resolve a border dispute in eastern Ladakh, but so far no results have been forthcoming. In one year, there were 11 talks between India-China ambassadors and military officials.

On April 9, the 11th Commander Level meeting lasted about 13 hours at Chushul BPM-Hut east of Ladakh in the LAC. The two sides have had detailed discussions to resolve the remaining issues related to the LAC termination in Eastern Ladakh. Following the meeting, the Department of Defense issued a statement saying that both countries had agreed to work together to maintain order, to avoid any new incidents and to maintain peace in the border areas.

The debate continues in other areas
, after the 9th summit on January 24 this year, both India and China separated from the surrounding Pangong Tso Lake. But there is still a complete reduction and expulsion from other conflicting areas. In this regard, military leaders from both countries are in talks.

India-China- The agenda of the 11th round of the summit was to divide and reduce the level, that is, the armies of both countries must withdraw from the LAC and the number of troops must be reduced. This division should be done in rival areas such as Gogra, Hot-Spring, Depsang Plains and Demochak. On average, lakh troops have been deployed in both countries in the 826 km LAC which is the Line of Actual Control near East Ladakh.

The worst situation at the border so far
it was reported in a report that despite the withdrawal of some troops this year, tensions between China and India are still raging. The presence of Chinese troops in border crossings since May 2020 has been the most tense situation in decades and led to the first border conflict between the two countries since 1975. After many negotiations until February, the two countries removed troops and military equipment from other areas of the opposing border.

The stand has been in progress
the year has been the perfect year since the conflict between the two major Asian empires in the LAC. Last year, on April 5-6, 2020, clashes broke out between the two countries for the first time in the Finger region near the PACong-Tso lake of LAC. Then, on June 15-16, in a bloody battle between the two countries’ forces in the Galvan Valley, 20 Indian soldiers were killed for their faith.

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