I wanted to kill Moose Wala, but others from my gang may have killed him: Lawrence Bishnoi

According to Punjab Police sources, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has admitted that he intended to kill singer Sidhu Moose Wala, but the actual plan may have been carried out by members of his gang.

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by AIG Gurmeet Singh Chauhan, along with Mansa SSP Gaurav Toora and AGTS DSP Bikram Singh Brar, grilled Bishnoi for nearly five hours in Mohali.

During the interrogation, Bishnoi admitted that he had planned to kill the singer-turned-politician to avenge the death of youth leader Vicky Middukhera, and that he had even arranged for a scout to follow him around.

According to the sources, he also stated that he is unaware of the individuals who carried out the murder.

According to sources, during interrogation, Bishnoi told the SIT that Middukhera was like his older brother, and that his gang members treated him similarly.

According to sources, Bishnoi’s gang members may have carried out the plan to kill Moose Wala to avenge Middukhera’s death because they were distraught over the loss.

The gangster went on to say that his aides were furious with Moose Wala for allegedly assisting Shaganpreet Singh, his manager, in escaping to Australia.

Shaganpreet was named in the killing of Middukhera.

According to sources, Bishnoi made all of these revelations after seeing CTV footage, photos, and videos of the day and location where Moose Wala was killed.

He was shown CCTV footage of vehicles tailing Moose Wala, as well as photos and videos of the singer’s murder scene.

Bishnoi was also tasked with identifying the criminals’ vehicles. He claimed, however, that he was unaware of the shooters involved in the crime.

The SIT also learned that the weapons used in the killing were buried near the Punjab-Haryana border, but that the police have yet to locate and recover them.

A police team has left for Uttar Pradesh to arrest the four sharp shooters who were involved in the murder.

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