I came to Supermoon: Qantas flights to take passengers on Scenic Flight on May 26

Qantas Airlines will take a limited number of passengers on the flight that will offer an excellent view of this month’s extraordinary month and a complete solar eclipse on May 26.

The magnificent one-time flight will depart from Sydney, Australia, for a two-and-a-half-hour flight to the southern sky. Those aboard the B787 Dreamliner will be provided with “cosmic cocktails” and supermoon cakes. This will be the second and final 2021 highs.

Supermoon flight tickets started at AUD 499 (approximately Rs. 28,300) in the economy seat, while the business category was sold for AUD 1,499 (approximately Rs. 85,000). In the premium economy segment, the price of tickets was AUD 899 (approximately Rs. 51,000) each.

According to the Qantas Airlines website, in addition to light cocktails and menu cakes, those on board the Dreamliner will enjoy comments made by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) astronomer Vanessa Moss. Passengers will also be given special merchandise, gift bags, and a certificate of remembrance.

After leaving Sydney, the plane will take off better than any cloud cover over the Pacific Ocean, and away from any kind of light pollution.

It will reach a height of 12,000 feet [12,192 m] and will be “followed by a spectacular eclipse of the moon, which is also a total eclipse of the moon, an extraordinary double act.”

NASA says that on May 26, more than a few hours later, “the Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow, darkening it and often turning red in color.”

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The cosmos adds that red is the result of sunlight in the earth’s atmosphere – “a ring of light made all the rising and setting of our solar system.”

In the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic, Qantas has asked passengers to postpone their travel plans if they “feel unwell and experience symptoms of COVID-19 this week on your flight.”

In addition, Qantas has introduced various ways to ensure a safe indoor environment. All passengers and crew will be required to wear a mask throughout the flight.

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