Have a look on Five Modi Mantras to tackle Board Exams 2021

Board Exams are the most popular exams for every student. This year, board disagreements are rampant among students and parents as most of the study sessions were held online due to the COVID-19-led closure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the fourth Pariksha Pe Charcha program in which students asked questions about future courses and suggest tips for the board exams. Here are five basic assumptions about proposals given to PM Modi to students regarding board examinations.

How Can You Cope With Difficult Issues?

Modi suggested that all lessons should be taken “in the same context and strength”. The PM said the most difficult part should be addressed with a ‘new mind’ and this would make it easier to feel easier. He said in his tenure as Prime Minister now and in the past as Prime Minister, he preferred to face difficult issues in the morning with a new meaning.

He also said that “it is not necessary to be a master of all subjects, even the most successful people who have a strong understanding of one subject”. He made an example of Lata Mangeshkar who gave him his whole life in pursuit of music. Finding a subject difficult is not a limitation and one should not run away from difficult lessons, added Modi.

How to increase memory capacity?

One of the students asked a question about tips for increasing memorization skills. To remember things better, Modi suggested that they ‘put, put in, put together and visualize’. He said the things that are embedded and that become part of the flow of thought are not forgotten. One has to put it in instead of memorizing it, he said.

Breaks and Beyond Studies

“One looks at the free time once one has had it,” the Prime Minister told students. The Prime Minister said we should be careful to avoid things during free time that are dangerous to eat all the time. These things will leave you tired instead of refreshed. “Leisure time is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills. Free time should be used for activities that reflect the diversity of the individual, ”he said.

Strategies to Follow During Examination

The Prime Minister called on the students to take the exams with a clear mind. “All disputes should be left out of the auditorium,” Modi said. He advised the reader to focus on giving the answers in the best way possible without having to worry about preparation and other worries.

Results are above marks

The Prime Minister emphasized that “what you are learning cannot be the only measure of success and failure in your life. Whatever you do in life, it will determine your success and failure.” Therefore, children must come out of the pressure of people, parents, and society,” Modi said.

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