GST Council to meet on June 12 to discuss tax cut on COVID essentials

The all-powerful, at MOST, the Board of directors, which is chaired by finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will meet on the 12th of June to decide on whether to reduce the GST rate for COVID essentials-black and fungal medication, according to the officials.
At the time of the previous meeting on the 28th of May, the Council of Ministers, a Group of Ministers (GoM) to recommend to the GST council, the tax relief, essential items, the COVID-including PPE kits, masks, and as a vaccine.
The palate presented its report on June 7.

Officials said that at MOST, the Board of directors will be meeting on June 12 to discuss the Cmo’s report, as well as in the proposal to lower the tax rates of the drugs, the black mushrooms.

It is believed that some of US-the ministry of finance Mouth of the interest of the COVID essentials.
Uttar Pradesh Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna, who is also a member of the board of the Cmo, said on Wednesday that the government is for the benefit of the reduced rate of COVID essentials in order to relieve the pressure on the patients, however, the decision will be taken by the GST council, the tax rates are applied.

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On the PALATE, to a MAXIMUM of Concessions to, and the COVID Aid, which is intended to examine if the rate of vat is required, and / or to exclude it, medical, oxygen, pulse oximeters, hand sanitizers, oxygen therapy equipment, as a collector, ventilation, and personal protective equipment (ppe kits, N-95 and surgical masks, and temperature monitoring equipment.

The team also reviewed the COVID vaccines, medicines, and medicines to treat COVID equipment and testing equipment in order to detect COVID.
A MAXIMUM of consultation, on May 28, submit to the taxation of drugs and vaccines to COVID-19, unchanged, after the BJP and the opposition, the states of a dispute as to whether tax cuts will have to reach the common man.

However, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), were the exception, import, amphotericin, A medicine used to treat the mushrooms.
The congress and other authorities, the opposition of the states require a tax cut, but the central government is of the opinion that this move may give rise to tangible benefits for the people.

At present, 5% of the value-added tax is levied on locally produced vaccines, and 12% of the drug, the COVID-oxygen concentrators.

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