Google is a BRITISH supervision, the supervisory authority in the case of the phase-out of the extraordinary, the Chrome web browser

Alphabet’s Google has not ruled out the major advertisers and tracking technologies to users of its Chrome browser, without the consent of the British competition regulator, according to a draft of which was published in the newspaper on Friday.

The company said that it welcomed the opportunity to work with the regulator, on its own initiative, in order to deal with the privacy and competitiveness.

The competition and markets authority and, in January, it will start to plan again, Google will reduce the level of support for some of the Chrome service in the next year.

Google is a BRITISH supervision:

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The company also has a $ 250 billion global advertising, the television industry, and has expressed concern about the damage to the world’s most popular web browser, it loses its ability to collect data in order to customize the ads and make them even more dependent on Google’s database.

A series of obligations which were issued by the CMA on Friday, which is subject to public comment until July 8, before it’s entered into force, Google will actively engage with the regulator, in a project called the Sandbox, the Policy for the development of alternative tracking technologies.

Google reports that users often expect it to be more private. However, some of the advertising cookies, to allow them to display their web pages, in this way, as well as a few of them.

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