Al-Jazeera Network Says It Combated Cyberattack Aimed at ‘Accessing, Disrupting, Controlling’ News Platforms

The Pan-Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera network, said that over the last couple of days I’ve been exposed to constant hacking attempts, however, a cyber attack on Qatar’s flagship product, the broadcaster has been in the back.

Al-Jazeera ‘ s websites or platforms are affected “by the continuation of the electronic attacks that aim, that is to say, to interfere with and control many of the news-newsletter, with the exception of the platforms from the” past Saturday to Monday, the network said in a statement.

“Al-Jazira, is the service provider may be traced, and repelled all the attacks of the hackers, and kept them from reaching their targets,” it said in a statement released late on Wednesday.

It is said that he is top of the mistake, and said that the Sunday before, the documentary describes the Al-jazeera’s Arabic is a YouTube channel, which describes the indirect talks between Israel and the Palestinian militant Hamas group, which included the recording of the voices, which seem to be of Israel, held captive in the Gaza strip.

We have on Al-Qaeda, had no immediate comment when contacted by Reuters early on Thursday morning.

The Qatar-funded by the channel’s coverage of the Middle east policy, is seen by many in the region that provoking, was one of the factors that led to the four Arab states boycotting Qatar in June 2017.

Before the embargo, Al-Qaeda carried out a major cyber attack for the hacking of Qatar’s state news agency QNA.

Saudi arabia and its allies in January of last year, an end of the at the same time, as a boycott of the government, accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism, despite the fact that it’s not.

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