Google Chrome for iOS First Update in Four Months Brings Bugs Fixes: Report

Google Chrome for iOS receives an update after a four-month break, as per the report. Additional updates in Chrome 87 that focus more on bug fixes. The update is being released for iPhone and iPad worldwide. What is remarkable about this update is that Google usually releases updates every six weeks. However, in the case of Chrome for iOS, the tech giant skipped the release of Chrome 88 (January) and Chrome 89 (March) altogether.

According to a 9to5Google report, the update – Chrome 87.0.4280.163 – is now being released to iPhone and iPad users via the App Store. The report also says that this review is small because no major problems have been reported since the release of Chrome 87 in November.

In addition to the bug fixes, the Chrome 87 update also does some tweaks to the app’s privacy label. Under the data section linked to you, the app’s functionality now includes a “name” for users. A 9to5Google report states that this is because Google Pay in Chrome needs this information to complete the transaction.

In addition, crash details and customer support are submitted under the Offline category. Google reports that it will ensure that only the data needed to provide and build useful products and services are collected.

The stable build of Google Chrome 90 is scheduled for release on April 13. Recently, Google released an update to Chrome that makes the Web browser faster and more secure than ever using HTTPS instead of HTTP. Chrome has been urging the Internet to accept HTTPS for a long time now.

Additionally, if you want to preview new features in Chrome, you can download Chrome Beta to try it out. Google was reportedly testing Touch / Face ID to protect incognito tabs unlocked in Chrome 90.

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