GMAC Study: MBA Aspirants Prefer On-campus Learning, Women more receptive to online learning

According to a recent study by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), three-quarters (73 percent) of foreign nationals who plan to pursue an MBA outside their home country choose to study in college despite the disease.

According to the Council of 2021’s Prospential Students Survey Report more than 40 percent of the students in the countries surveyed expressed their desire to work outside of their nationality. Opportunities to live and work abroad explain why foreign candidates (70 percent) are less likely to change their original plans compared to local candidates (52 percent) in the midst of this global epidemic.

Women are more receptive to online learning.

Research has also shown that women candidates are more likely to study online than men. Having been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility during the epidemic, they found it easy to complete a high number of their degrees online. The report states that many women remain undeterred and plan to pursue higher education despite their dire circumstances.

Many candidates are considering management education to develop skills amidst COVID uncertainty.

The study also raises the need for Graduate Management Education (GME) during the COVID-19 epidemic. About 58% of the nominees indicated that they would be pursuing a business degree due to the economic crisis. However, more than a third of the nominees, about 37%, reportedly want GME to be competent and fit for work.

According to the GMAC report, more than 7 million students have visited since last year to evaluate business school options, prepare and register for exams, and receive advice on the admission process.

Commenting on the same Soojin Kwon, the director of the GMAC Board said, “COVID-19 has fundamentally undermined the future of work and the skills needed for future success”. He added that business schools are fully aware of the need to develop their technical and leadership skills so that they can meet the changing demands of the workplace.

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