Geely Panda : 150 Km range mini electric car launched, price Rs 5 lakh

The Geely Panda is a two-door mini electric car that can seat four people. The company claims that this electric car is capable of giving a driving range of up to 150 kilometers in a single charge.

Geely Panda Mini Electric Car

The demand for electric vehicles is continuously increasing worldwide. Vehicle manufacturers are also increasingly starting to introduce new models in this segment. Meanwhile, China’s leading automobile manufacturer Geely has launched the new mini electric car Geely Panda in its domestic market.

The total length of this car with very attractive look and cute design is just 3 meters, and the interesting thing is that it has been given a seating arrangement for four people.

There is a great demand for tiny electric vehicles in the Chinese market, which is why the company has introduced its new Panda.

Let us tell you that Geely Auto is a well-known company in the Chinese market, and it is the parent company of legendary brands like Volvo Cars, Lotus Cars, London Electric Vehicle Company and Qianjiang Motorcycle.

It was initially reported that Geely would introduce the Panda under the Geometry brand, but it has finally been introduced as a model from the parent company.

How is the Mini Geely Panda

Talking about the new mini electric car, it has been decorated with black-white accents just like the Panda. It has black roof, round headlights, two doors, four seats. The length of this small car is just 3,065mm, which allows you to park it easily even in small spaces.

Apart from this, it can be easily driven even in cities with heavy traffic. In length, it is even smaller than the Tata Nano that was introduced in the Indian market, which stood at 3099 mm in length. With this, you can get a good idea of ​​the length of this car.

Power and Performance

As far as power is concerned, in Geely Panda, the company has given 30kW capacity electric motor and LFP battery pack, which has been prepared by Chinese company Guoxuan Hi-Tech. The company claims that this car is capable of traveling up to 150 kilometers in a single charge.

As a city car, it is considered a better option, which provides better range for short distances keeping in mind the everyday needs.

The car gets a 9.2-inch instrument cluster and gets an additional 8-inch display, which is positioned as the center control screen.

Features like Bluetooth phone connectivity, intercom function, destination sharing are also available in it.

You can remotely control the air condition (AC), trunk and many other components of the car through the official mobile app.

Apart from this, you can also lock and unlock the car from the mobile phone itself.

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