Former england cricketer is being trolled for calling virat kohli “foul mouthed”.

Former England cricketer Nick Compton was criticized on Twitter after he called Indian skipper Virat Kohli “the most foul-mouthed individual”.

Former England cricketer Nick Compton called India skipper Virat Kohli “the most foul-mouthed individual” while praising England Test captain Joe Root, New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson and legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar as “level headed and grounded” men. “Isn’t Kohli the most foul-mouthed individual? I’ll Never forget the barrage of abuse I received in 2012 when the swearing stunned me to the point that he did himself a serious disservice. It highlights what a level-headed and grounded man Root, Tendulkar, Williamson et al are”, Compton tweeted. One Twitter user said, “Are uh blind or not watching the match haven’t uh seen who started all in the match”.

Another user wrote, ” England started first and now crying when India replied”.

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