Firing on security forces in Noorbagh, Srinagar

Firing on security forces – Srinagar, Noorbagh Tir: Terrorists fled leaving weapons in the Noorbagh neighborhood of Srinagar. The search for terrorists continues to the headquarters of the entire area. Activists opened fire on a team of security forces in the Noorbagh area on Saturday, but there were no casualties.

Police in the Kashmir area wrote on their official Twitter account: “A small police team came under fire as they besieged terrorists in Noorbagh, Srinagar” (Firing on security forces). Police said the terrorists fled, leaving weapons behind. “It seems the terrorists fled, leaving their weapons behind. These include a pistol and an AK 47.

Police officer killed by terrorists in Kulgam

Terrorists shot dead a Bihar policeman and worker in Kulgam district on Friday. This information was given by the officials. He said that around 6:05 p.m., terrorists shot a policeman named Banto Sharma, injuring him. Authorities said Sharma was taken to hospital, but later died.

At 8:50 p.m., terrorists again attacked and killed a Bihar worker identified as Shankar Chaudhary (35), officials said. He is a resident of Katihar district in Bihar. He said Chaudhary worked in a brick kiln in Nihama in the DH Pura district of Kulgam.

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