Firefox 91 will make it harder for companies like Facebook to store your cookies

Firefox 91 is the latest update to the popular internet browser Mozilla which has now started spreading to everyone. This is not a major update but it is important because it offers improved cookie protection.

What you do is dig deep into the files and database that websites store in the form of cookies on your system and then categorize them according to different websites.

Thanks to this new “complete cookie protection”, websites like Facebook will find it difficult to share cookies and follow users on various websites.

All cookies are incorrect. Websites that store user information make it easier for users to access such things as their username and password every time they log in.

But because there is no information on how much user information a website can store in these cookies, there is a risk of privacy here. With Firefox 91, Mozilla updates how cookies are stored on your computer.

With complete cookie protection, Firefox 91 will store cookies in a single pot on each website.

Think of it as a web site setup that will store cookies inside and after you have finished accessing the website, Firefox will close the lid of this site, so other websites that want to track cannot access those cookies and associated information.

Firefox even drops the jar at the user’s request, deleting all tracking data linked to websites such as Facebook.

See, Facebook collects data from you in a variety of ways and one of them includes you without even visiting the Facebook website.

Browsing websites with Facebook plugin that store your data in cookies and make them available to Facebook for tracking purposes.

Once this data is available on Facebook, the communications company exchanges it with some of its advertisers and uses it for targeted advertising.

That is why some people use incognito mode when browsing the Internet.

In Firefox 91, you will find individual websites in the list of websites that store cookies. It is much simpler than individual domains with cookie data linked to it.

Just check which website has stored cookies and how many of these cookies are in the new “Manage cookies and site data” tab in the browser settings.

In order to clear cookies, users will need to enable Strict Tracking Protection in your browser settings.

There is also a new “Forget About This Website” tool that lets you delete websites from the history menu and cookies and related archives.Firefox 91 is now available for download on the Mozilla website.

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