Farm Law: Farmers march today for warnings of Corona

Farm Law-Farmers will organize marches across the country to state Raj Bhavans around 10-11 a.m. This Raj Bhavan walk of farmers can be seen most strongly in Punjab, Haryana and UP. The gathering of farmers at the Ghazipur, Singhu and Tikri borders in Delhi intensified on Friday.
New Delhi: At the end of seven months of farmer unrest amid Third Wave Corona warnings, farmers will protest today in front of Raj Bhavans across the country and submit a memorandum to the president. There is also a danger that this demonstration of farmers will become a super Corona spreader.

There is a big preparation for tomorrow in Panchkula, Mohali and Lucknow. Farmers will gather and march from the Raj Bhavans of Haryana, Punjab and UP. Also in Delhi, a symbolic delegation will come to the Raj Bhavan and hand it over. According to farmers’ organizations, there will be no demonstration or march in Delhi. Farmers have been holding a sit-in at the Ghazipur, Tikri and Singhu border in Delhi since November 26. They demand that the central government repeal three new agricultural laws and give a legal guarantee of the minimum support price.

Farm Law- Union Bharatiya Kisan (BKU) national president Naresh Tikait said on Friday that farmers opposed to the three Central agricultural laws would submit a memorandum to the governors of the various states on Saturday demanding the removal of the laws. He said the memoranda would be addressed to President Ram Nath Kovind on the occasion of the completion of seven months of agitation against agricultural laws.

Will be closed due to farmers anticipating movement Metro Station 3
Three main Delhi metro stations anticipating the peasant movement of the Yellow Line for four hours on Saturday have decided to stop. DMRC tweeted on Friday evening: “At the suggestion of Delhi Police, for security reasons, three metro stations on the yellow line – University, Civil Lines and Vidhan Sabha, are open to the public tomorrow (Saturday) 26.06.2021 from 10 a.m. to noon. Will be closed until noon. ” Farm Law….

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