DU’s official notice: Colleges not be opened, online classes to continue

Despite the great demand among students regarding the opening of colleges, the University of Delhi (DU) has announced that it will continue with online classes for all its students. Final year students will only be allowed to visit their colleges or departments to find a library or laboratory-related work. Among these students too, the entire group will not be called to campus and only small lumps of students will be allowed to visit, varsity said in an official notice.

The teaching and learning of undergraduate and graduate students will continue in online mode only at all colleges, institutions, and departments of the University of Delhi, varsity said in a statement. The decision was taken in view of the growing epidemic of the COVID-19 epidemic in Delhi and throughout India.

Not only students but also staff are allowed to limit. Varsity has asked all its affiliated colleges to have “working hours”. Only 50 percent of employees will go to the office through workplaces and the rest of the staff will work from home, as the list is made by the section manager or supervisor. Employees residing in the content area will be required to notify the authorities in the same way and apply for the appropriate leaves.

The university also asked teaching and non-teaching staff not to leave the station without permission. The head of departments or institutions will determine the essential activities that should take place without restrictions. In addition, varsity has called for all eligible employees to be vaccinated as a means of protection.

Earlier, 13 students from DU’s Step Stephens College were tested with COVID-19. The university was reopened in stages. Access to the college has been blocked since then.

Meanwhile, the university runs a national online management training program. The university has been closed since mid-March 2020 and online classes have been held since then.

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