DU’s Final Semester Exam to be held from May 15 in OBE mode

Delhi University (DU) has released the final semester examination program for all Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) programs as well as the School of Open Learning (SOL) and Non-Collegiate Women Education Board (NCWEB). According to the official statement, the exams will take place from May 15. The exams will be held three times a week and in Open Book Examinations (OBE) mode. The final test sheet for DU 2021 will be announced later this month. “All Ex-Students of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) (Admission 2015 to 2018) and Erstwhile FYUP (B. Tech) and Ex-Students of Annual Scheme enrolled in SOL and NCWEB by the time of the Span will also be identified as the date of the sheet applicable to each of the said cases,” reads the official notice.

The DU 2021 test will be done on the basis of a timely plan. Terminal Semester / Final Year students who failed to take the OBE Examinations Phase I & II phase conducted in August and September 2020 will also be given the opportunity to write a paper in May-June 2021. An examination form for all of the above programs is already available on the DU’s official website. The last post is April 30.

Varsity also said the CBCS (LOCF) test program, Undergraduate IV Semester, NCWEB, SOL student and Essential Repeaters, Improvement, and former IInd Semester students will be released later after reviewing the existing Epidemic Status. se Covid-19. Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma and Language Studies examinations will be conducted by the relevant Faculty / Departments. Details will be released later.

Varsity will release detailed guidelines regarding OBE and the test date at the end of the month on the official website www.du.ac.in. The plan for all PG programs will be communicated separately by the relevant departments. Applicants are kindly requested to continue visiting the official website for more information.

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