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Download wa gb (GB Whatsapp Download) Latest Version (Anti-Ban) March 2023 Official Updated Free APK V17.20 or V19.52.5 or V21.20 Android IOS Windows: In this article, we will tell you how you can Update, Install and download the GB WhatsApp latest version for free. GB WhatsApp is a trendy and extensively used WhatsApp MOD. The reason for its popularity and its huge user base is the capabilities and reliability of the application. It has every feature you could want with this application.

GB WhatsApp Download Latest Version (March 2023): There are a variety of apps available on the market, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. WhatsApp is extremely popular due to its features. However, there’s a brand-new WhatsApp Mod i.e., GB WhatsApp Download is packed with more exciting options than the original app. It’s an outstanding application for users and comes with a lot of features that are advanced.

Download wa gb (GB Whatsapp Download)

Download and install GB WhatsApp 2023 Latest version on your Android device. Because the app is not available on the Google Play Store, you must download it from the box below.

Download GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Link 2023

The GB Mod is the classical and the most often upgraded version of WhatsApp which has been available since the inception that the app was launched. WhatsApp is compared to the earlier version of the program, however, it comes with a lot of enhanced features. The same experience is available using Facebook Messenger along with Fouad WhatsApp. 

If you’d like for you to use GB WhatsApp, you are not required to deinstall the previous version of WhatsApp. It comes with a number of wonderful features, which you will learn about below.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is one of the most powerful WhatsApp mods available for your device. Users may recognize this WhatsApp mod as a multi-account-friendly mod, but it is much more. This mod, on the other hand, is not available for download via app distribution platforms such as the Google Play Store.

It includes all of the original program’s capabilities and features, as well as a few extras. We strongly advise you to explore the rest of the modifications and extensions of this apk before diving into the specifics of the GB WhatsApp.

How to Download & Install GB WhatsApp on your Android device?

Because of copyright issues, the Google Play Store does not support modified versions, as we all know. So, in order to download GBWhatsapp, you must go to a website that allows you to download MOD apk. You must also enable ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Security section of Settings to allow the app to be downloaded from a third-party site.

Follow the steps outlined below to quickly download and install GBWhatsapp for Android.

  • Step 1: Open your web browser and download the latest version of GBWhatsapp for Android.
  • Step 2: After the download is complete, open the file and click Install.
  • Step 3: The installation will take a few moments. Then, launch the GBWhatsapp app and enter your phone number to begin chatting with your contacts.

GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download [v17.20]

By directly using GBWhatsApp Pro to allow for two users on the same phone, GBWhatsApp Pro provides all of the benefits but none of the storage space and RAM-related drawbacks associated with app cloners. This third-party app gives the user access to exclusive features that are not available elsewhere, such as chat themes, hidden read receipts, app locks, multi-user functionality, and more.

GB WhatsApp APK Details

App NameGB WhatsApp
Size60 MB
Root RequiredNo
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

Note: You can Download GB WhatsApp latest version from the above link. If you are using the old version of Android, then you can download the Older Versions of GB WhatsApp from below.

Download wa gb (GB Whatsapp Download)

GB WhatsApp Features 2023

This innovative WhatsApp mod has several capabilities, and all of these features can be accessed via mobile devices. Here are the most important attributes that are available in GB WhatsApp:

  • Auto-Reply It is possible to use this auto-reply feature to reply to your friends anytime you wish or when you need to reply to groups of people.
  • DND Alternative: If you are using a different application for your Android phone and don’t wish to be interrupted by WhatsApp messages You can utilize this DND feature to prevent internet access for the WhatsApp application only.
  • Broadcast Text Messages: You may send Broadcast text messages to a set of users, which is an amazing feature. This feature is frequently utilized in our everyday lives.
  • Filter messages: When the GB Whatsapp is installed, the filter message’s function is enabled giving the user the option of clearing chats and filter messages.
  • Anti-Revoke Message This Whatsapp modification has the feature of Anti-revoke messages. It’s extremely useful in situations where you don’t want a message to be deleted if the recipient deletes the message.
  • Share Real-time locations: By using GB WhatsApp users can also share their real-time location directly with contacts. This feature is extremely useful and could save your life in times of trouble.
  • Incredible effects: Users can blend extraordinary and unique effects in their messages when they send pictures and videos to their family and friends.
  • Send High-Quality Photos: Additionally, you can send a video that is 50 MB as well as an audio file that is 100 MB to the person you want to contact.
  • Send 90 photos: When compared to the official WhatsApp feature, you can send over 90 images at the same time.
  • Unlimited Themes The new themes feature has been added to the WhatsApp application in the latest version. This means that you can choose from a wide range of themes and Emojis can be applied on your smartphone, based on your preferences.

How to Download GB WhatsApp?

Downloading And Installing GBWhatsApp on Android. To use GBWhatsApp Your device must be running Android v4.0.3 Jellybean or higher. The next steps will provide important details for downloading as well as setting up the APK.

Step 1:

To begin, go to the Android device’s settings. From there, locate the Security option, and then select the option.

Step 2:

When you are prompted to select security options There should be an option to select Unknown Sources. As a default, it will be turned off. You can enable this by clicking or tapping to make sure that apps that are not from a trusted source can be installed. Select the option you want to enable in the pop-up window , then move onto your next action. Certain phones might have this option under Additional Settings or Privacy.

Step 3:

Once you’ve installed for the download of GBWhatsApp Pro in your settings you can now proceed with the download.

Step 4:

After your download is completed, you can tap the file. After you click “Next,” until the “Install” button appears, you may be confronted with certain warnings. You can ignore them.

Step 5:

Select “Install,” and you’re done! Now GBWhatsApp Pro is downloaded on to your Android device.

Step 6:

The final step is sign up for a second account, if want to make use of one with a different number. The process of registering a second phone number using GBWhatsApp Pro follows the same procedure like WhatsApp. After you’ve submitted your information and verified, you will receive a confirmation message.

Step 7:

You must enter the verification codes and the phone number, then add your name as well as a profile photo then you’re good to go! After all verification has been completed and you’re logged in, you’ll have access to all the range of features that can be customized by GBWhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp APK Overview

The GB WhatsApp app is basically an enhanced version of WhatsApp created and released by different developers instead of the developers who created the first WhatsApp. The developers behind the app are striving to make sure that the user gets the best experience.

In order to accomplish this, numerous updates have been issued frequently within a brief time. When using this application are you free of any issues?

With regard to features and quality, GB WhatsApp is unmatched in the market. The best part is that you can alter themes, fonts and sizes, wallpapers color, and contact colors, as well as new color schemes for messages.

You can also block any chat logs or call logs. In GB WhatsApp. Further features will be added in the near future. GB is the safest and most highly recommended WhatsApp mod.

What’s on your mind at this moment? Do you really need to restrict yourself to a single GB WhatsApp when there are different options to choose from? Let me address this question in a later article, and you’ll capable of answering all your questions in a clear manner.

The app was selected due to a number of excellent reasons that will amaze you when you find out more about the app! After you read this comparison between GB WhatsApp and official WhatsApp the majority of your confusion regarding the best app for you will be cleared.

It is possible to download the Anti-Ban version by clicking on the links on the site. Additionally, it is a very popular topic on Twitter as well.

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GB WhatsApp Alex Mods v17.20

To ensure your account and data are secure, you should start making use of Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and different WhatsApp Mods. You can also use GB WhatsApp by AlexMods to gain more and more recent features. Any issues you might encounter when using a modified version of WhatsApp are in our control.


  • New Base (Google Play)
  • It is available with the option of a Dark theme.
  • Cover up chats and privacy terms.
  • Save and download the Status
  • Make new stickers and emojis
  • You are able to use multiple accounts.
  • Keep the tick in the shadows.
  • Send large video files,
  • New styles and fresh themes
  • Different languages
  • Backup features
  • You may also change the theme.

Benefits of using GB WhatsApp

There are numerous advantages of having the GB WhatsApp Professional Latest Version for your mobile device because it has more features than the earlier version. A few of the amazing advantages of this application are listed below.

  • You can utilize the auto-reply option in order to respond to your friends anytime you wish and also the occasion to respond to a group of your friends.
  • There is a way to use this DND function to block the internet connection for GB WhatsApp only if are using another app on your Android smartphone and do not wish to be able to get WhatsApp messages.
  • If you’d like to email a set of people, you can accomplish this via Broadcast messages.
  • Once you install the GB WhatsApp App is installed, the filter message function is enabled. This allows users to have the option of removing chat messages and filtering messages.
  • Through this app, users can send more than 90 images in a single session, unlike the usual WhatsApp.
  • Information on messages that were removed from your contact lists and groups can be located within the Messages History section of the application.
  • If you modify the profile of a contact you are able to alter their visibility on your media album.
  • When you receive a notification, it will have the option of marking the message as either read or not read.
  • Choose all chats: The application lets you choose all your chats simultaneously on your main display.
  • There is a way to conceal the current status of your audio recording.
  • You can send high-resolution photos to your family and friends.
  • Additionally, there is the log of every contact which can be reviewed by the users.
  • You can choose any language from the list of pre-set languages by using the language feature. This is an additional feature that is extremely useful.
  • In addition, the software allows you to be alerted whenever a person from your contact book changes their profile photo.
  • If you don’t wish to see your notifications on the main screen of your phone, deactivate the notifications.

Terms & Conditions For GB WhatsApp

If you don’t have root to your phone, however, you are able to use WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp. This means that you’ll be able to utilize WhatsApp Messenger more effectively and in a more efficient way and enjoy the latest functions without the need to wrestle with complex configurations.

Before downloading the app, make sure that your phone allows users to download apps from untrusted sources. This guide is for Windows PC users who wish to play Android apps and games on their PCs.

Can we do this? This feature is already in place for the majority of us. If you’re the first time using an application Here are the steps to follow:

  • First step opening your Settings menu on your phone.
  • In the Settings section, go to the lower part section. Click on the Security tab.
  • The “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option can be found here. “Unknown sources” may also appear on certain phones. To activate the feature, you need to do is switch the feature on.
  • After you’ve completed enabling the feature After that, select End.
  • It’s time for downloading and installing the Mod for the Android phone.

These steps will take you to where you want to be. These are the same requirements for other messaging applications, like Snapchat, WeChat, Google Duo, and even Twitter.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on Android?

Install GB WhatsApp: To install this app to your phone Follow these steps. Once you have it, enjoy learning about it and use the mod for your benefit.

  • For you to start to get started, you do not need to download the GB WhatsApp Professional APK file.
  • Download this app to your phone first.
  • Therefore, please click”Download,” which is located on the “Download” button on the right page on the right side of your application.
  • The installer can be launched at this point.
  • After the app has been downloaded, all that you need do is click on it to install the application.
  • Install the program.
  • It will be helpful if you hit the Install button when the installation process has begun.
  • After the APK is downloaded, wait several minutes until your phone is able to download it.
  • Begin using this app.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on IOS?

Apple’s iPhone is still the most used phone in the world today. It is estimated that half a million owners of the device don’t know what to do in order to install the iOS software onto their devices. Be aware if you are familiar with the process of downloading.

  • To begin installing the app first, you must open the web application on the iPhone and go to the website from where you will find the link to download.
  • To download access to the iOS file, just click”Download the App” or click on the “Download Application” button that has been shown.
  • To begin the installation process, open the file you downloaded.
  • For installation, choose”Install”. “Install” option from the drop-down menu.
  • It can take some time for the installation process to finish. After the application has been properly installed and compatible, you can start it.
  • Create a fresh WhatsApp Account or log into the account you have to the account you have currently on your mobile.
  • Explore the site and have fun by using the application!

How to Download GB WhatsApp For PC

This headline will entice you to be sure to pay attention! You’ve been informed that you are able to install the app in a modified way on your computers and utilize WhatsApp web. However, you’ll need to connect via the Internet and also have access to your mobile phone in order for this to be possible.

In certain situations, it is possible that you are working on your laptop or computer and you’ll need to check your phone frequently. Open the app, and you’ll have all the information you need in one place.

If you are using the PC version, you’ll enjoy the same features as the mobile version. You can send a message which is received by the recipient, or send an audio message, and make calls using audio or video.

How do I Install it on a PC?

How to Update GB WhatsApp?

Check out the other method you could utilize to update Gb WhatsApp after you have learned ways to install the most recent version of GB WhatsApp described above. GB WhatsApp can be updated by using the app as a third option. The issue with this is that it may not always work as expected and can create the impression that you’re using the most recent version even though you don’t actually have it. Therefore, we suggest that you go with the first step.

  • If you’re interested in testing this second alternative, you can open GBWhatsApp, choose the 3 horizontal lines icon in the upper right corner, and then select GB Settings. Click on Updates.
  • Click on the button to look for updates. If a version that is newer to this application is available you’ll receive a notification and will be able to download it instantly.
  • If you’ve already downloaded the most recent version, you’ll see an error message that says, great job. Now you’ve got the latest version! There is no need to do anything other than that.

Here are the updates in the most recent version of GBWA APK

  • New features are added and bugs are corrected.
  • Anti-ban technology was fixed for problems with the stickers that were added by Google Play
  • Added the ability to contact participants in groups added and personalized new Emojis.
  • Fixed bugs. Added the option to respond privately after choosing a group message

GB WhatsApp Download: Pros and Cons

In fact, WhatsApp is a widely utilized messaging tool for users of smartphones. It’s accessible to a range of systems, such as Android, iOS, Java OS, and many more desktop computers.

WhatsApp, by itself, has amazing features that aren’t available in other messaging applications. One of the best features of GB WhatsApp is the fact that it can be utilized in conjunction with WhatsApp it is an enormous convenience. Other features aren’t included in various versions.

Accounts have been shut down between now and then This is perhaps the most important drawback to this fantastic WhatsApp modification. Accounts could be banned completely from any further use.

In this case, think about using a temporary number. Do not use anything which resembles the number you had when you used the original WhatsApp.

There is nothing to contradict the Official Release

In the official version, the application can operate without an interpreter. In the same handset, you will be able to have multiple WhatsApp accounts. It is always compatible with the latest version of WhatsApp because the developers constantly correct known issues.

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GB WhatsApp FAQs

Is GB WhatsApp available on the Google Play Store?

It isn’t available on the Google Play Store because third-party apps are not permitted to be sold by the Google Play Store. We know that it is a third-party app that is a modified version of Whatsapp.

What is the reason WhatsApp the GB app is not being installed?

It could be due to the older version of GB WhatsApp or your phone not having enough space. To install the application, you must have at least 1GB of internal storage space.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Yes GB WhatsApp is completely secure to use since it is an extremely secure platform for users using the application. Furthermore, the support service is also very good since they ensure the privacy and information that their customers.

What is the most effective mod of Whatsapp?

As you are aware there are many MOD WhatsApp that are available on the market. However, GB WhatsApp is the most suitable choice because of the high-end features that this app provides free of charge. A few of the top alternatives to this app include FMWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and Fouad WhatsApp.

What’s the problem? Is GB WhatsApp not available in the Play Store?

The app was created by a third-party developer. Due to license and copyright issues the app isn’t in the PlayStore.

Will I Be Banned if I Use GB WhatsApp?

The most recent version includes the Anti-Ban function, which means that your account will not be blocked. To keep yourself safe make sure you have a backup phone number.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it is safe.


After having reviewed all the advantages, features as well as cons, as well as frequently requested questions, you’ll be able to comprehend what you can expect from GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Here are a few of the most amazing functions provided by this application.

There are many reasons to use this option instead of the traditional WhatsApp messenger within that section. We have already mentioned that it comes with a myriad of options, including being able to conceal a variety of options, including the option to hide your status of the online account, the capability to hide messages read as well as the capability to block the double tick, and so on.

The most current version of GB comes with an array of choices, including customized templates and multimedia features. However, in addition to the numerous benefits however, it has certain disadvantages, like an indefinite suspension of your account. So, make sure to download the updated app.

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